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Diane Kruger Tod's D BagThis is another Italian brand known for the quality and design.

Unfortunately no major magazines or fashion blogs have reviewed in depth the wonderful job in designing leather purses for women that this brand has done and hence no major publicity, no it bag status. However many of the brand's purses are surely the high-end and luxurious products and well known to those who are into purse fashion. It is the impeccable artisanship and knowledge of leather treatment and crafting that makes this brand a stand out.

Tod's brand was established in 1920-ties and is an Italian company. This like many of the now days cult fashion houses also was a small family owned business (established by Diego Della Valle) in the beginning that was making shoes in the basement. The Tod's specialty were driving shoes. The son of the owner later expanded the business by starting to make shoes that were sold in the department stores in the United States. This was a significant boost and development in business and in 1980-ties Tod's became the known brand for the American customers with the three brands they owned - hat is Tod's, then Hogan and Fay. Later the brand also acquired the Roger Vivier label.

The brand has very many boutiques around the world, from Hong Kong to Rome (of course) and Beverly Hills. The purses can also be purchased online from some major retailers. The purses made by this brand are very simple, elegant and supreme in every detail - leathers are carefully selected, dyed and treated. Tod's bag sale is for those who are looking for real design gems, but for a reasonable price.

Tod's leather handbag quality

D bag

D bag is the most popular Tod's purse launched in 1997. It is named after Princess Diana, however the original Diana purse has been redesigned and current bag differs from the one carried by Princess Diana (the purse was restyled in 2009). This purse is very classic in shape and very luxurious in its execution. Tod's D bag right now is the current feature in the new collection, where it is offered in pearly snakeskin in gray and Tobacco brown color. This purse has adjustable shoulder strap that can be removed and double handles. The price for this gorgeous designer handbag is around 3,700 USD. There is also D bag luxury edition and those bag models have been made in crocodile skin, the metallic details of the purse are platinum plated and the inside is leather lined. The bag costs around 28,000 USD. Pricey, but quality and design is a match to the much talked about Hermes. Celebrities that carry this purse are also Jennifer Garner Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman and more. It is easy to fall in love with quality designs and Italian luxury, however be ready to pay average price of 1400 USD for purses.

Tod's handbags sale unfortunately is not available at their online store, which would be the best and easiest way to make sure that the product is original. However some of the Tod's tote bags catalog is available via major luxury retailers, such as Saks Fifth Avenue. More on latest Tod's handbags can be read on the brand's home page. Also this is a label to consider if you need a men's briefcase or business bag.



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