Mulberry's Bayswater handbag

Mulberry Bayswater

This rather conservative purse was the first success

of the Mulberry fashion brand. Perfect leather,

classic shape and high quality hardware are the basis for this large handbag that can be carried from a business meeting to seeing friends in the downtown.


The supermodel Kate Moss is known to own few of the gorgeous Mulberry Bayswater purses.


Bayswater bag is quite large. Its sizing is 26.5cm (10.4 inches) height, width is 36cm (14.2') and depth is 16.5cm (6.5 inches). This purse can be carried on shoulder or on arm.

This bag has a Postman's lock on the front in brass. It has a leather interior trim as well and the bag is divided in two slip pockets and one that can be zipped. This purse also features metal feet for support and shape. This It bag is available in large choice of leathers and colors, from black or pink ostrich model to beige camel leather purse. The price, depending on the choice of leather is from 1400 USD to 6000 USD for this iconic handbag. Truly amazing purse, but a pricey one.


Mulberry East WestThere is also a smaller version of the purse, called East West Bayswater and the sizes are height 17.5cm (6.9 inches), width 33cm (13 inches) and depth 15cm (6.1 inches). Cost of the smaller model is around 1000 dollars. Color and material choice is quite sufficient.


Mulberry is the brand that positions itself as a British fashion leather accessories label, although the owners of the brand are Americans. Mulberry's foundation date is the 1971. and location is the countryside of Britain, in Somerset, where they still have their factory today. Although small part of the quality leather materials for the Mulberry bags are produced in China, the assembly of the actual purses is carried out in Great Britain and use of the local skills in the manufacturing process is one of the selling points for the company. The brand has also established a program for local young people to engage in Mulberry training. After completion of the training these people can work at the Sommerset plant, where manufacturing quality is taken to the next level.


Mulberry Roxanne


Mulberry RoxanneRoxanne is quite cute with the lots of buckles, straps and studded details. This was also one of the top purses from Mulberry brand. Although the current collection does not have the Roxanne, this might be the right time to buy from secondary market as the bag is quite good and most likely you will get it at reduced price, as this is no longer the glory days for the purse.

Roxanne bag has double handles and two buckle outside pockets. For true fan of this British brand the abundance of buckles just adds to the spark and this purse will surely go well with a light outfit. Great for work, travel or a day off. This bag was offered in quite impressive selection of shades so you will have no trouble in finding the one you like.

Mulberry sale is the right event for those willing to wait a little to get the desired British chic purse.

Not all Mulberry bags on sale are available in all sizes and models, but you might be able to get a discounted bayswater model as well. All of the Mulberry bags are carried out in the best traditions - which ensure quality and impeccable designs and functionality for the purses. Read more on Mulberry fashion here. If you still are more into their core products, consider the Lily collection with the oval shaped purse featuring all the classic details this brand is known for. Lily bags are also delivered globally with free returns.




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