Marc Jacobs purses

Marc Jacobs bagsPurses by Marc Jacobs are really rocking this season - classic and bit

flirty at the same time, beautifully crafted in quilted patterns they seem to have everything to become the next IT bags. Though this term of IT bag is already out fashioned, we are using it to describe the season's highlights and there are quite few of them. Marc Jacobs is a really promising designer when it comes to women handbags, there is a bit of the retro style classics, elegance in designs and shapes, and exquisite production invested in each purse.

Marc Jacobs is very open designer, he once has said that: "My clothes are not hot. Never. Never". During the times, when everyone is sex obsessed it is nice to see that someone is not afraid or irony and feels comfortable without having a nimbus over their head. That is also basis for his success's - his clothing and handbag lines are beautiful. comfortable and can be purchased by most people, who feel that his fashion philosophy is right for them.

Marc Jacobs has not it all delivered on silver platter. He was born in 1963 in a typical Jewish family in New York. His family also had a sister and a younger brother. He was attending the New York School of Arts and Design. He also started working the fashion industry related field at a pretty young age. He was only 15, when he had a job of stock boy in an alternative fashion store. The school that most of today's most known fashion starts have attended is the Parsons, of course, and also Marc Jacobs studied there. It was a successful and eventful time for him, as he received two prestigious awards for his work, first is the the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award in 1984 and the second is the Design Student of the Year Award. Later he designed for Perry Ellis and currently is the creative director for the French superholding company of Louis Vuitton. He took on this position in 1997 and is also a part of LV huge success's of co-operation with the Takeshi Murakami and other artists to create some of the legendary Louis Vuitton purses.

Marc Jacobs Classic Hilier Hobo

Marc Jacobs Hillier HoboThis bag is very casual and can be used for almost any event, except maybe for an evening party where small clutch purse would be better. Its technical specification is such: 16.25 inches height, 4.75 depth and 16.5 inches in length.

The purse has a single leather handle and there is also a detachable shoulder strap. The purse has a magnetic closure and interior zip. There are also pockets provided. The inside of this hobo is lined with textile logo print lining. The leather used is cow leather. The hardware for this bag is golden plated. There also a small golden plate with marc Jacobs logo on it. Color choice is offering variety of basic shades, such as light brown, chocolate brown, deep red, light gray, yellow, blue and the classic black. This hobo costs around 400 USD dollars and can be bought via many internet stores online. The shipping price varies from the particular department store.

If you need a comfortable and trendy bag for everyday matters, for office or just need a good purse with value for money, this is a choice to make. The ample space provides options to take the necessary things with you, the slouchy shape of the handbag makes it very comfy and the design is very classy yet with an urban spark.

Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam Small Handbag

Marc JAcobs Small Stam

This handbag has the most amazing palette of shades: bright orange, purple, deep blue, soft pink and bright pink. And there is also the version in black for more classic taste.

This small satchel features the following details: cute kiss lock closure, leather and chain shoulder strap. The leather for the bag is quilted adding more of the retro style and elegance. There is a zipped pocked in the front. Hardware details for this model are made of brass. The dimensions are 13 inches in height, 9, 9 inches width and 3 inches is the depth. The shoulder chain itself is 12 inches long. If you purchase this model, it also is provided with a dust bag for storage.


Price for this Marc Jacobs handbag model is 795 USD and it can be purchased online at major fashion retailers' e-stores, including the official brand's website. It is always recommended to buy from the original manufacturer/designer as it helps to avoid buying fake product. So check carefully any other sites that yo are buying products from. Read reviews, check references, study all the terms and conditions before making your choice and finalizing purchase. Look also for Marc Jacobs watches

Jacobs East End Leopard ReiWhen you look at the whole collections it seems that all these small pouches and large totes are all over the place and could have come from almost any fashion house. This could be viewed as a major flow or onMarc Jacobs 1984 bag the other hand the variety and range is quite large so that there could be

a purse for almost any taste. From funky East End Leopard Lady Rei, which costs $ 438 (picture on the left) to the classic On your Marc Duffle (for $598).

Or if you are into classics then an absolute beauty the 1984, which reminds of the finest Grace Kelly type of superstar bags. It is sized 10" x 14" x 4" and costs and extravagant $1,595. Picture to the right. This beautiful purse is also available online for US and Canada residents.


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