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Gucci is one of the brands that has been very productive in creating numerous beautiful purses for

years and still none of them quite made it to the IT bag status. Just like the brand itself, being the elite of the elite and then suffering from bad reputation and huge drop in client confidence and finally fighting it back to the top of the fashion industry. If you must summarize what is Gucci about then the best comparison is to say that Gucci is like a typical italian family with all the quarrels and fights and ups and downs, but with great sense of style.

The company was established by Guccio Gucci in year 1921 and after his death his sons took over the fashion company. Up to the 1970-ties the brand dressed the most prominent women, such as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly, and was the favored celebrity fashion label due to its exclusivity and beautiful apparels. In 1970-ties came with ugly fighting over power within the family and left the brand with bad reputation, knockoff purses and unfriendly customer service. None was interested in Gucci accessories and apparel as the brand had lost its luxury appeal. They had to work hard to win the reputation back and this was achieved by help of Maurizio Gucci, whose prudent management decisions and hiring of tom Ford made a new name for this well known Italian label. Since Tom Ford the brand is flourishing, it has been among the top successful Italian companies and currently is owned by LVMH.



Gucci bamboo handle bags and Gucci sales online


Gucci Bamboo Handle BagGucci leather bags and canvas bags are among their top selling products along with the highly successful perfume line. The first success (and closest to the IT bag status) was the invention of the bamboo handle purse, which is still featured in their main collections. The original bamboo handle bags were small sized and made of pig leather and, of course, the bamboo handle. After Frida Giannini took the accessories and handbags design (in 2002) in her hands there are also other variations of this famous and cute purse. For example, today it takes 13 hours to assemble the bamboo purse from about 140 different details. Craftsmanship is perfected and Gucci bag is representing the best of its brand. Also the handbag range is incredibly vast and there is certainly a decent purse for any taste.


There are plenty of more beautiful Gucci handbags and many of them are available online, such as the interesting Malika clutch that is definitely to draw all attention. Also the small snaffle bit bag is very pretty with all the intricate details and absolutely amazing deep saturated colors. The model in orange color is irresistible with its antique metal details, lining interior, flap closure and shoulder strap. The size for this Gucci pouch is length: 7.2 inches, width: 2.5 inches and height: 6.3 inches.Gucci Bamboo handle

The bamboo handle handbag is back or shall we say - the bamboo never left us. The new season offers us few very elegant and outstanding variations of this classic model. Gucci clutch sale bags have inside pockets that are great for keeping mirrors, lipstick, phone and many other small things that women would want to keep in their bags.

Take a good look at this purse in the rich and juicy color of bordeaux. Made in leather with the famous top handle in bamboo it features snap and zip pockets, integrated key holder. Inside is lined with suede and hardware is made of rhodium. This particular model has the following dimensions: 21cm H x 30cm W x 13cm D. In inches it is 8"H x 12" W x 5" D. Sold also online.

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