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For Light Weight and Stylish Bag, Choose Bottega Veneta’s Woven Leather Bags

Sick and tired of bags which give you shoulder aches due to its weight? Bottega Veneta woven leather bags could be the perfect choice for you. Bottega Veneta is quite the brand when it comes to bags, so you can expect their bags' design to live up to the brand's reputation. When it comes to style and design, the woven leather bags would leave you lusting after it.

On closer inspection, the woven leather bag is roomy so it gives you a lot of space for your things. It's big enough to put books or even your Ipad inside (if you have any). It's lightweight so you can say goodbye to those aching shoulders even if you have to carry a fully loaded bag. And another thing which makes the bag impressive is that it doesn't appear bulky; you can stuff your things inside but it won't look like you're carrying a lot of things.

Inside the bag, you can find a side pocket. You can store your purse, mobile phone; or other small-sized things which are better off if stored separately from the other contents. Great aesthetic value as well as superb functionality is the main selling point of the bag, if you asked me.

The major drawback of the bag, however, is its price. Of course, you can expect that since the bag carries the Bottega Veneta brand, it can fetch an exorbitant price. If you think that the design is awesome but come off short in justifying the price, a good alternative is buying a second hand purse instead. These bags are original in design, they are more affordable and still a lots of fun. You can shop for these bags online. There are lots of online shops that offer vast selections of original bags for a less of the price of the original.

This brand also offers clothing for men and women, shoes, home decor items and a wide variety of small leather accessories, from pen holders and photo frames to dog leashes.

Bottega Veneta purses

Bottega Venetta Ebano NappaThe most famous detail of all purses is the woven pattern and they have retained this as their trademark and today they concentrate on well known and time proven designs. For the fans of the brand there are plenty of handbags to choose from - from luggage to small clutches. For a perfect daily bag we would recommend this beautiful Ebano Intrecciato Nappa Bag, sold at USD 2650 or EUR 1950 online. It very elegant and roomy enough to carry your items. Inside is suede lined. It has a adjustable shoulder strap and tassels on each side of the bag. Inside you will also find a zip compartment. This bag is definitely very comfortable and durable as well.



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